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Bat House

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Quick Overview

Our extraordinary Bat House has 3 chambers with machined traction grooves and is made of recycled High-density Polyethylene plastic (HDPE) for easy cleaning and improved hygiene.


Our Bat House has been Certified by Bat Conservation International

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Additional Information


Our Bat House is constructed using Heavy-duty 5/8" recycled high-density Polyethylene plastic (HDPE). It features 3 chambers which have machined grooves providing permanent traction for climbing, instead of plastic netting or wirecloth which can tear or separate from walls, and can be easily cleaned for improved hygiene. Impervious to moisture, rot, bugs, guano, and mold. Dense, dark board provides warmth bats seek with front and side openings for ventilation. Stainless steel screws maximize durability. Lasts longer than wood, and never needs paint or stain. Large size encourages bat colonization and can host up to 150 bats. They return the favor by pollinating crops and eating their weight in insects daily. Please read instructions for proper placement to ensure successful roosting and protect your bats from predators.

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