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Bench Ends

Now you can build your own bench. Do it yourself ( DIY) and save.

Order Recycled Plastic components online and create a bench.View our vast array of completed bench kits to get ideas on how to build a bench.

Maintenance free Eco-friendly bench components are an excellent buy.

Our solid Recycled Plastic bench frames are durable and easy to work with. The color is molded into the part with UV stabilizers so each component will withstand the test of time. 100% recycled plastic provides a durable alternative to other materials, no breaking, flaking or need for repainting.Polly Planks added to our outstanding bench frames make the perfect bench.

Wide mounting surfaces supply a solid base to mount the seating of your choice. Simply sink a screw into the frame with a power screwdriver and feel secure in knowing you have the best bench frame available. Benches for all settings. Due to the fact that some customers need odd numbers of bench ends (ex: 3 ends for a 6ft bench), the bench ends are sold as EACH, not pairs.

PLEASE NOTE: Bench frames are sold as singles, not in pairs.

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