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The Park and Rec Trades Company Spotlight

Polly Products is adding capacity to meet our growing customers’ needs. In the future best in class lead times will be the norm at
Polly Products. Additional molding equipment and an advanced CNC machining center are being added to ensure quicker
response times for our customers.

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Polly continues to add innovative products complimenting the best selling lineup our customers have learned to trust and enjoy.
Molding all of our lumber and frames gives us the ability to control the quality, providing the best in the industry. Stainless
steel fasteners and easy step by step instructions provide the customer with quality, durability and ease of assembly.
“Green Products for a Green World” can become a reality at your local park, school or business. Polly continues to provide
products that are not only very durable and highly functional but help our strained ecosystem. All of our products have post
consumer recycled plastic as a major component. Saving a finite natural resource from being buried in a landfill and
creating attractive site amenities has been the focus since Polly’s beginning. Did you know it would require 2670 plastic
milk jugs to make one Polly Hexagon table? Polly provides a sustainable product that will be used for many years and is
fully recyclable.

Polly Products currently ships worldwide but all of our production facilities are In the USA. So the customer who buys a Polly
Product is helping the economy, saving our planet, plus they enjoy durable high quality site amenities. Benches, tables, trash/
recycling bins have been in use for many years. Education centers, sporting facilities, hospitals and city streets are a few of
the locations that use our products.

Inventive products from Polly are rapidly becoming industry leaders. The detail found in the Green Scapes product line
can only be found in a Polly product and the customers have responded making them a Polly best seller. The Plaza Hex table
is the easiest to assemble recycled plastic hex table made. The Cambridge bench is 100% recycled plastic and will provide the
perfect ambiance for that upscale location. In the future our creative team will be adding new items that have been requested
by our customers. If you would like to see Polly provide products we currently don’t offer, just email al@PollyProducts.com with
your suggestion.

We believe in the number one rule; “if we don’t take care of the customer someone else will”, we value the relationships shared
with our customers and strive to get better every day. Higher quality, faster deliveries and pioneering products are all reasons
to buy a Polly Product.

For more information call Polly Products at 877-609-2243 or visit www.pollyproducts.com.

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