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Plaque/Memorial Benches-One of Our Fastest Growing Products!

Are you getting tired of the same old space outside your window year after year? As summer 2012 kicks off, you may want to think about giving your outdoor area some pizzazz. Polly Products has just the right thing to make your space one of a kind and will be sure to leave your community talking. Engraved message/plaque benches are the perfect accent that you are looking for!

These benches give you the option of adding your own personalized message that is engraved into the bench or added to a plaque that is placed on the front of the bench. Our message/plaque benches are quickly becoming one of our most popular products. No matter what state you live in or season it is, our message benches will be the perfect addition to your setting. No need to drag our products in and out depending on the season. Weather is no match for our benches because they are made of 100% recycled materials, which means they far outlast other traditional materials such as wood. All products are maintenance free and graffiti resistant. They are a pretty tough match for any community vandals out there!

We have about a month left before the 4th of July. This is a great opportunity to commemorate a soldier who fought for our independence or a family member who has passed away. Help preserve their memory by purchasing a memorial bench today! Plaque benches are temporarily unavailable on our website but should be up within the next week. Please call to order at 517-649-2243 or call toll free at 1-877-609-2243. Memorial benches are up and are ready to be ordered!


Is cost an issue in your community like it is in so many others? Park systems and community members can help fund the purchase of long lasting park equipment through our affiliate program! Polly Products has worked to help many communities sell our products to community members for the public to use. Through this program, the public can purchase our memorial or plaque benches and have their name or their choice of text engraved into a plaque or bench board for the public to see. Many organizations have chosen to put the Polly Products banner on their web page. This banner leads anyone who clicks on it to our webpage where they can order our products. The organization/community then receives 10% commission on the sale. Take advantage of this win-win situation and join our affiliate program today! Call us for more information!