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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Please recycle!

In today’s faced past world it is not often we stop and take a moment to think about how our actions affect the environment. Even less often we think of the problems that are taking places in distant places of the world. However, every aspect of the environment is interrelated, and ignoring one issue can cause a domino effect.

With chaotic schedules and bills to pay our thoughts often gravitate toward the short term. For some people it may be easier to throw glass, plastic, and other recyclables away. Did you know all of these items take hundreds of years to decompose and have a lasting effect on the environment?

The following video may be graphic to some, but it is the sad truth about what is going on in our world. If we were all to take a more serious approach to recycling we could save so many animals and also help save our environment. We encourage you to investigate sustainable alternatives to your every day products. Polly Products offers you several great alternatives to promote a green community!


Do you recycle?

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