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Completing The Recycling Cycle


My nine year old son has become quite the recycling advocate in our home. He tells us we need to “reduce, reuse, recycle”. I think he gets this from watching the Disney Channel “Friends for Change” promotions and music videos about recycling. He sometimes sings along to Disney Channel Music Videos, including one titled The Three R’s that teaches kids how to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  I would say that it’s even apparent that even a parent can learn a few things from Disney about recycling (pun intended).


I’m sure by now that most of us are familiar with the concept of recycling. Many of us gather up our used glass and plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans, paper, cardboard and other miscellaneous “stuff” into those brightly colored bins bearing that widely recognized triangled arrow logo. Those of us living in communities with pick-up recycling then cart those bins down to the curb-side once a week, and almost like magic, it seems to just disappear. Others of us take those colorful bins to local recycling centers where we carefully sort them into different labeled dumpsters. But then do we pat ourselves on the back and proudly declare that we have done our part to save the planet? I ask, have we “completed the recycling cycle?”

recycle_big_boxSeveral years ago, well known actor and Environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr. made a bold philosophical statement about recycling in an interview with Marianne Schnall. He professed:

 You've got to complete the loop. It's very nice to get all warm and fuzzy and take copies of the LA Weekly and your spent Evian bottles down to the recycling center, but where does that stuff go? If you're not buying recycled products, you're not really recycling.”


What an intriguing concept! To truly be committed to recycling, not only do we need to reduce our consumption of natural resources, and reuse those materials that we can, but also be committed to both recycling and purchasing recycled products. That’s all part of “completing the recycling cycle”.

Here at Polly Products that’s what we do.  We help people around the country and the globe to “complete the recycling cycle.” We do this by using recycled plastic that is ground up from used containers like milk jugs and plastic buckets.  We then melt down that post-consumer plastic to create beautiful, long lasting and sturdy Park Benches, Picnic Tables and Trash Receptacles.


Not only are we keeping plastic out of landfills, but we are making the Earth more beautiful with outdoor furnishings in our yards, parks, cityscapes and recreation areas, by “completing the recycling cycle”.

by Dell Hunt,

Marketing Communications Manager at Polly Products


Resource Links:

Disney Channel Youtube Video, Mitchel Musso, The Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)


Marianne Schnall Interview with Ed Begley, Jr.



Photo: National Park Service/Brad Sutton  “Sunset at Jumbo Rocks Campground” in Joshua Tree National Park, California


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