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Waiting for Spring in Michigan

Waiting for Spring in Michigan

After a bit of a warm-up during February here in Michigan, we saw horrible winds this past week that knocked out power to over a million people here in our Great Lakes state. Temps are dropping this weekend back down to the low teens, and I think we all are looking forward to Spring & Summer in Michigan.

I thought we could all use a flashback to this past summer in August when I went on a photo shoot along the Portland River Walk (Michigan), which is a short distance from our factory here in Mulliken, Michigan.



The Portland River walk follows along the Grand River, and tributary the Looking Glass River starting in downtown Portland, Michigan. Much of it follows an old railroad path, including this historic rail bridge across the Grand River.

It also features a large number of Polly Products park benches that were part of a "Donate-a-Bench" program that was coordinated with the Portland Parks & Rec. Department.


All of the benches along the trail were donated by members of the community, and many feature plaques or engraving.



Many are memorial benches honoring family and friends.

PortlandRiverWalk7-Web PortlandRiverWalk6-Web The benches also provide a resting area for those hiking along the trail, or just taking their family to the nearby playground that is located along the trail.

PortlandRiverWalk4-Web PortlandRiverWalk3-Web PortlandRiverWalk2-Web

So hang in there! Spring and Summer are right around the corner.

For more information about the Portland Riverwalk Trail visit:



For more information about Polly Products and our Park Benches and other outdoor furnishings made from recycled High-density Polyethylene plastic, contact us by phone or email, or visit our website.

877-609-2243 customerservice@pollyproducts.com www.pollyproducts.com


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