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  • Earth Day 2010

    Earth Day 2010 at Polly Products
  • Possible new product

    New prototype table.





    Considering adding this picnic table to our growing table line.  Any comments on design? A re-seller in California showed this concept to a customer who pre ordered two against an order of one hundred. What do you think the viability of this 100 % recycled plastic table will be for public settings?

  • Polly Products manufactures all of its Park Benches from 100% Recycled Plastic

    Polly Products has designed products in collections that represent style and purpose. Please view our collections to find which products fulfill your needs. If you are on a tight budget or need a specific look you can find it here. Recycled plastic park benches require no maintenance

    Polly Products manufactures all of the 100% Recycled Plastic components that are used in the wide range of benches we provide. In fact we offer the widest range of 100% Recycled Plastic park benches  in the marketplace today. Our benches can be found in school play areas, commons areas, parks, sport and recreation facilities both inside and outside. The uses are only limited by the imagination trail side, shopping areas, nature learning centers the potentials are endless.  Checkout our eCommerce site - Purchase out products at Pollyproducts.com - we have a full line or Picnic Tables and Park Benches


    Product Features:

    • Stainless fasteners
    • Outstanding durability
    • Practically maintenance free
    • Fully illustrated  step by step  easy to use instructions
    • Outstanding customer service and quick deliveries

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