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Polly Products

  • Answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you anchor the product down?  Polly Products does not require you to anchor your bench/table down.  It is the customer’s preference.  We do sell an anchor kit that is appropriate for many applications, including attaching to concrete. The brackets are L-shaped and screws are included to mount it to the legs of your product (or the side slats on the trash and recycle containers).  If you are securing it to concrete, you would purchase concrete bolts at your local hardware store and use them to attach through the L-brackets into the concrete.

    How does the product hold up in heat & cold? All of our products are made of Polyethylene which is ideal for outdoor use. The Polly Products formulation will withstand cold without cracking and heat with negligible increase in flexibility. Some of our larger picnic tables tops are reinforced underneath with powder coated aluminum tubing for extra stability.  We have a client that uses are benches near the beach and the salt and sand whip at them daily. This client informed us recently that the benches are still in the same great condition as when they were first purchased!

    Will your product warp? The product must be placed on a level surface to assure no warping occurs. Placement is important! Individual bench and table slats rarely warp if assembled correctly.

    Can you power wash the product? With caution; high-powered power washers with a concentrated tip may cosmetically damage the product. A fan tip is highly recommended. Experiment on the underside until the correct amount of pressure and water focus is achieved without causing cosmetic damage. 

    How safe is the product?  100% Polyethylene is a very earth friendly plastic.  It is the same plastic as the gallon milk jug from your refrigerator. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose so buying recycled plastic products keeps that plastic out of our country's landfills.

    Can you paint the product?  We do not recommend painting. There are color additives that are molded into the product. No staining or painting is needed. Due to the nature of plastic, paint would most likely NOT stick and would peel and flake off almost instantly.

    Can we machine the plastic? Plastic is very similar to wood when machining. For high production applications consult with the supplier of your cutting tools for proper tools and feed rates. For simple cutting, drilling and routing, regular wood working tools will work well. It is not recommended to plane.

    Why the Color Variance? Color variance is common in our operation as we use recycled materials. Most continuous suppliers use wide spec virgin plastics and can control the colors better. We remain honest with our claims of a recycled plastic product. We can strive to get a color match with what we have to work with.

    How can I see the product in different colors? We update our website often and will be adding more pictures with a wider variety of the colors we offer. You can also request free color samples to see the different colors available.   Bench Components and Plastic Lumber

    Do bench ends come in pairs? We sell individual bench ends because some benches require 2, 3 or 4 bench ends. Or a customer might just need one bench end replaced.

    Are there left & right bench ends? All of our bench ends are universal so you can use them for the left side, the right side or in the middle.

    How do you attach boards to bench ends? We use a #12 x 3" screw - screwed directly into the center line of the bench end. We use plastic lumber which requires a minimum of 32" center spacing for stability. The product comes pre-drilled to make assembly easier.

    If you look at our finished benches you can get an idea. Also if you download the footprint pdf drawing from the product page you will get a line drawing of that particular bench.

    What is the weight limit on your benches? Each bench is different but they are all designed to handle a wide variety of people who may use them. For specific weight limits, please ask customer service.

    I am looking for something to "plant" permanently in the ground. Presently we do not have a product that plants permanently into the ground. We do have an anchor kit that will anchor many of our products to cement or other surfaces. It might be possible to anchor it to cement that is submerged under a few inches of mulch or topsoil.

    Is assembly required or are the benches pre-assembled? They come in a kit form with all holes pre-drilled, an assembly package with step-by-step, illustrated instructions and the required stainless steel fasteners. Some assembly is required: a screwdriver will do the trick but a power screwdriver is recommended.

    How hard is it to assemble the Polly picnic tables? Depending on the table, we pre-assemble many components; on the Hexagon tables we assemble the tops and parts of the frames, on the large round sheet plastic tables we assemble the tops and the frame has a few components that simply slide together, all of the straight tables tops are assembled and often seats will be, as well.

    All of our tables have fully illustrated step-by-step instruction packages, all holes are pre-drilled or have pilot holes marking part placement. There is a legend to confirm you have all your fasteners before you start. Polly tables were designed with the customer in mind.


    What size is the umbrella hole? 2” The Umbrella hole will be in all Hex and plastic sheet tables unless the customer specifies they do not want one when they order.

    Miscellaneous products

    Is there a bottom to your trash receptacles? Some of the trash receptacles do not have bottoms. They come with a liner inside to place the trash bag into. Others are pre-assembled and have a bottom in place with the addition of a plastic liner bin for placing the trash bag into.

    Does the lid attach securely to the trash receptacles? The lid does not come attached to most of our trash receptacles.  The lid fits inside the receptacle to hold it in place and is not secured for easy access when replacing trash bags. It is possible, on some products, to secure it with a screw or strap.

    How do we become a distributor? You can contact customer service toll free 1.877.609.2243 or Email customerservice@pollyproducts.com.  You will be sent a pre-qualifying distributor package. After completing forms in the package, simply return to Polly Products and pricing and product information will be provided.

    If there are any questions our trained customer service staff has or will find the answer for you. Call toll free 1- 887-609-2243 extension 221. Or email customerservice@pollyproducts.com

  • Why Should I Recycle?

    We all know putting the extra effort forth to recycle can sometimes be a challenge. Often times even when we manage to get our recyclables out to the curb on garbage day, the garbage truck wont pick up all of the materials in the bin. Some people may choose to toss those items in the trash, but here are a few reasons to take them to your local recycling center:

    -Recycling is the easiest thing we can do all 365 days of the year to conserve our natural resources, save energy, and create green jobs in our economy.

    -Recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions of Americans and helps our clean energy economy develop.

    -The national recycling rate is 34%, this percentage has increased every year since 1980. Companies like us all across the U.S. are working to motivate the public to further increase this number.

    -229 million barrels of crude oil are saved annually through recycling efforts.

    -Recycling helps to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing 36 million cars from U.S. roads each year.

    -The average American produces 1,500 lbs of waste every year, much of this is recyclable.-paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, tin cans, magazines, newspapers, etc.

    -Paper and cardboard account for 28% of all waste, in order to make these products trees need to be cut down. 4 billion trees are cut down annually across the globe.

    -An aluminum can can be back on the grocery shelf in as little as 60 days if recycled.

    -The average American uses 7 trees per year in paper, wood, and other products. This equals about 1,925,000,000 trees used by Americans each year.

    Polly Products considers all of these factors in our daily business efforts. In our office we recycle more than just the plastic that we use to create our products, we recycle everything. We encourage our employees to take these recycling efforts home to their family and friends. We also encourage you to purchase sustainable alternatives to the products in your life. Polly Products can help you make this first step.

    There are so many reasons to increase your recycling efforts! These are just a few. To learn more about where you can recycle materials that are harmful to our environment visit Earth 911. Do your recyclables a favor and put them where they belong!

    Connect with us on social media to get weekly updates on recycling and our sustainable products on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  • A Life without the Convenience of Water from the Tap - World Water Day 2013

    TODAY- Friday, March 22, 2013 is World Water Day! This annual event is sponsored by the United Nations and is an initiative to help bring clean drinking water and sanitation to those in remote and developing parts of the world. It is also meant to advocate the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

    When you woke up this morning, it is likely you went into your bathroom and triggered your faucet to stream clean and drinkable water. You may have also tweaked it a little to be at just the right temperature. This is something people do every day without truly appreciating it. The next time you go to the water source in your home, think of the millions of people who do not have this luxury. The next time you are outside miserable in the rain, think of the people in developing countries and dry climates who pray for rain. The next time you are in a long line for the bathroom, think of those who have no facilities to wait for.

    In the United States, when we have issues with our water we simply call a plumber. Many may see this as an inconvenience, but can you imagine a life without clean running water in your home or even the nearby area?

    Food for Thought:

    -It is estimated that there are 1.58 million deaths annually from diseases caused by unclean drinking water

    -One person dies about every 20 seconds from water related illnesses, the majority of these are children

    -37% of the world still does not have access to sanitation facilities

    -Women and children spend 40 billion hours annually collecting water in Africa alone, often subjected to unsafe areas along the way

    -The UN estimates: 783 million people do not have access to clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation, and 6-8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water related disease

    -During the next 10 years, several countries important to the United States, will experience water issues

    It is important we acknowledge these issues before it is too late. In the developed world, we must adopt sustainable alternatives to products that rob our environment of their natural resources. We must also be conscious of our own water use and ecological footprint. Numerous organizations are working to install wells and other fresh water sources in developing areas. Monetary donations to these groups or even word of mouth among friends help to make these organizations successful. The question is what will you do for World Water Day?

    A mother and her children finish their day off by collecting dirty water in the Lira district of northern Uganda


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