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Economizer 8' Bench

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Quick Overview

If you are looking for a bench on a budget, the Economizer provides the best value while still maintaining quality and durability. It uses our Deluxe Bench frame and design, using lighter weight 1.25" x 3" planks instead of  2" x 4" boards, reducing both price and shipping costs. 

Available options include arm rests, engraving of text and/or logos with optional color inlays, and plaques.
The Economizer Bench is also our most affordable Memorial or Buddy Bench.

Watch Assembly Video on YouTube!!

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  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Cedar
  • Economizer 8ft bench with engraving
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Black
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Brown
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Cedar
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Charcoal
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Green
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Sand
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Black-Weathered Wood
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Black
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Brown
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Charcoal
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Green
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Sand
  • Economizer 8ft bench w/arms-Brown-Weathered Wood
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Black
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Brown
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Cedar
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Charcoal
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Green
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Sand
  • Economizer 8ft bench-Green-Weathered Wood

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  • Additional Information


    milk jug

    It takes 1216 recycled milk jugs to make this bench!
    1240 jugs for the Bench with Arm Rests

    The Economizer 8' backed bench gives two more feet of room allowing for more people to sit. This bench has an economy price tag with the quality found in products costing more.


    • 100 % recycled plastic components provide durability
    • Stainless fasteners require no maintenance
    • No rotting, unaffected by insects, no splinters
    • Available with arm rests, engraving and plaques.


    Length: 96"
    Seat Height: 17 1/4"
    Seat Width: 14 1/4"
    Total Height: 32 1/4"
    Overall Area: 96" x 26 1/8"
    Board Size: 1 1/4 x 3 with 3/4" gaps between boards
    Weight: 152 lbs./155 lbs. w/Arm Rests
    Weight Capacity Recommended is 900 lbs
    Ships In 3 Weeks

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