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How do you anchor the product down?

Polly Products does not require you to anchor your bench/table down.  It is the Customer’s preference.  How to anchor will depend on where the bench/table will be anchored. Polly can provide assistance with ideas. We also sell an anchor kit that is appropriate for many applications.


How does the product hold up in heat & cold?

All of our products are made of Polyethylene which is ideal for outdoor use. The Polly Products formulation will withstand cold without cracking and heat with negligible increase in flexibility.


Will your product warp?

The product must be placed on a level surface to assure no warping occurs.


Can you power wash the product?

With caution; high powered power washers with a concentrated tip may cosmetically damage the product. A fan tip is highly recommended. Experiment on the underside until the correct amount of pressure and water focus is achieved without causing cosmetic damage.


How safe is the product? 

100% Polyethylene is a very earth friendly plastic.  It comes from the one gallon milk jug from your refrigerator. 


Can you paint the product? 

We do not recommend painting.  But properly prepping the plastic and using paint formulated for plastics may work no guarantee.


Can we machine the plastic?

Plastic is very similar to wood when machining. For high production applications consult with the supplier of your cutting tools for proper tools and feed rates. For simple cutting, drilling and routering regular wood working tools will work well. It is not recommended to plane.


Why the Color Variance?

Color variance is common in our operation as we use recycled materials. Most continuous suppliers use wide spec virgin and can control the colors better. We remain honest with our claims of a recycled plastic product, as this to us is ethical. We can strive to get a color match with what we have to work with. 


How can I see the product in different colors?

We update our website often and will be adding more pictures with a wider variety of colors we offer.



Bench Components and Plastic Lumber



Do bench ends come in pairs?

We sell individual bench ends because some benches require 2, 3 or 4 bench ends.


Are there left & right bench ends?

All of our bench ends are universal so you can use them for the left side, the right side or in the middle.


How do you attach boards to bench ends?

We use a #12 x 3" screw screwed directly into the center line of the bench end. We use plastic lumber which requires a minimum of 32" center spacing.

A 4' bench = 2 bench ends, 6' = 3 bench ends, and an 8' = 4 bench ends. I would assume with regular wood lumber you can widen the span but I can only direct you on the use the products we manufacture.


No bracing required the bench ends are solid and holds a screw very well.


If you look at our finished benches you can get an idea. Also if you select the foot print drawing you will get a line drawing of that particular bench.


What is the weight limit on your benches?

Each bench is different but they are all designed to handle the wide variety of people who may use them.


I am looking for something to "plant" permanently in the ground.

Presently we do not have a product that plants permanently into the ground. Please check back as we are adding products often. We do have an anchor kit that will anchor many of our products to cement or other surfaces.


Is assembly required or are the benches pre-assembled?

They come in a kit form with all holes predrilled, an assembly package with step by step illustrated instructions and all stainless steel fasteners. So assembly is required but a screwdriver will do it, a power screwdriver is recommended.





What size is the umbrella hole? 

2” The Umbrella hole will be in all Hex and Café tables unless the customer specifies they do not want one when they order.

How hard is it to assemble Polly table kits?

Depending on the table, we pre assemble many components; on the hex tables we assemble the tops and parts of the frames, on the Green Scapes and Café tables we assemble the tops and the frame has a few components that simply slide together , all of the straight tables tops are assembled and often seats will be.


All of our tables have fully illustrated step by step instruction packages, all holes are predrilled or have pilot holes marking part placement. There is a legend to confirm you have all your fasteners before you start. Polly tables were designed with the customer in mind. If there are any questions our trained customer service staff has or will find the answer for you. Call toll free 1- 887-609-2243 extension 221. Or email customerservice@pollyproducts.com




Miscellaneous products



Is there a bottom to your trash receptacles?

The trash receptacles do not have bottoms. 


Does the lid attach securely to the trash receptacles?

The lid is not attached to the receptacle.  The lid fits inside the receptacle to hold it in place and is not secured for easy access.


How do we become a distributor?

You can contact customer service toll free 1.877.609.2243 or Email customerservice@pollyproducts.com.  You will be sent a pre qualifying distributor package. After completing forms in the package, simply return to Polly Products and pricing and product information will be provided.