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Buddy Bench-Traditional 6' Bench - Standard Engraving

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Quick Overview

Special Price $454 Save $60 OFF
on a standard engraved Buddy Bench with checkout code Buddy60.

The Buddy Bench is a way to bring kids together to get to know each other and make new friends. This includes standard engraving on a Traditional 6' Backed Bench, and is ideal to fit in any playground area. An additional line of of text, up to 2 logos and color inlay may also be added to this standard Buddy Bench.


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  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Black
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Brown
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Cedar
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Charcoal
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Green
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Sand
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Black-Weathered
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Black
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Brown
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Charcoal
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Cedar
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Green
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Sand
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Brown-Weather
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Black
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Brown
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Cedar
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Charcoal
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Green
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Sand
  • BuddyBench-Trad 6'-Green-Weathered

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milk jug It takes 1160 recycled milk jugs to make this bench!

Are you looking for a Buddy Bench for your school, playground or church?

The Buddy Bench concept originated with Christian Bucks as a way to bring kids together to get to know each other and make new friends. Christian's idea began with fundraising for a park bench made by Polly Products from one of our distributors. After it was placed in his school, the concept has gone viral!

This includes standard Buddy Bench engraving in your choice of type syles. An additional line of engraving and up to 2 logos and color inlay may also be added to the standard Buddy Bench.

Special Price $454
Save $60 OFF
standard engraved Buddy Bench with
checkout code Buddy60.

  • Includes engraving of Buddy Bench.
  • Made with 100% Recycled plastic
  • Maintenance free
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Product Sku: ASM-BB6TB
Seat Length: 72"
Seat Height: 17 1/2"
Seat Width: 17"
Total Height: 32 1/2"
Overall Area: 72" x 26 1/8"
Board Sizes: 2" x 6" on seats and back
Weight: 145 lbs.
Weight Capacity Recommended is 675 lbs
Ships In 3 Weeks

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